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Core Values & Code

Vision, Mission, Values
Code of Conduct & Business Ethics
Whistleblower Policy
Reporting Complaints & Concerns

Vision, Mission, Values

Our mission:“Deliver natural gas in a safe, reliable, affordable way.”

Our vision: “Create customer value through safe, innovative energy solutions.”

Our values are:

     We are always committed to our safety, the safety of our team and the public

     We are accountable for our decisions, our actions and the results.

     We create a positive and dynamic work environment that recognizes achievement and balance while supporting business success.

     We succeed through strong internal and external relationships, trust and open communication.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Below is a link to the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics ("Code") which sets out the standards of conduct expected from every employee of SaskEnergy and its subsidiaries. All employees, officers and directors are made aware of this Code, and adherence to it is a requirement. Since we are judged not only on our words, but our actions too, we look to ensure that our actions measure up to our stated values and the Code.

The Code is designed to be a guideline for employees in fulfilling their role as employees of SaskEnergy/TransGas, and to help them avoid inadvertently placing themselves in positions of potential conflict. While the Code cannot provide a rule for every possible scenario, it can go a long way in assisting employees to resolve ethical, legal and moral situations which occur during work.

Employees of SaskEnergy/TransGas are required not only to be aware of and comply with all Federal and Provincial laws and regulations that apply to their positions, but also to comply with the provisions of the Code.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Below is a link to SaskEnergy's Whistleblower Policy which sets out the mechanism for the reporting of actual or potential serious wrongdoing within SaskEnergy in the manner described, for investigation and appropriate follow-up.

The goal of this Policy is to promote public confidence in the integrity and honesty of the actions of SaskEnergy and its employees, and to provide a formal process for the reporting, investigation and elimination of wrongdoing.

Wrongdoing includes any serious act or omission, intentional or not, which is illegal, contrary to public interest, or SaskEnergy's policies and operating procedures, as well as attempts to conceal wrongdoing.

The Policy is intended to protect those employees who come forward with various mandatory reports of wrongdoing or bring forward other disclosures, with reasonable assurances and safeguards from undue negative repercussions.

Whistleblower Policy

Reporting of Complaints and Concerns

SaskEnergy values and encourages open communication. Complaints, concerns and questions are taken seriously, and handled promptly and professionally. Employees, officers and directors are not only aware of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, but they are required to promptly report any illegal or unethical behaviour or violations of this Code or other key SaskEnergy policies.

Breaches under the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics or the Whistleblower Policy reported from internal or external sources, will be investigated in accordance with the procedures set out in those policies. Communication may take place at any level within our organization, including to our Board of Directors or executive members. Local matters are usually best handled through communication with local supervisors or Human Resources.

Management Review:

The Vice President, Human Resources and the Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary manage the application of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and the Whistleblower Policy, and regularly investigate any complaints or concerns. You may communicate by contacting them by email at:

Maria McCullough

Mark Guillet

Vice-President, Human Resources

Vice-President, General Counsel

800-1777 Victoria Avenue

and Corporate Secretary

Regina, Saskatchewan

1000-1777 Victoria Avenue

S4P 4K5

Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 4K5

(306) 777-9398

(306) 777-9427



Board of Directors:

You may communicate with the Board of Directors through the General Counsel and Corporate Secretary's office by sending sealed correspondence marked "Private and Strictly Confidential - Attention: Board of Directors, Governance Committee Chair, to be delivered unopened" and addressed to:

SaskEnergy Board of Directors
c/o Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
1000-1777 Victoria Avenue
S4P 4K5

Confidential Hotline:

If you are uncomfortable making a direct complaint, a confidential telephone hotline service operated by an outside third party is available to employees, when local communication is ineffective or anonymity is important.

Information about SaskEnergy's 24 hour Ethics hotline and how to use it is available on SaskEnergy's intranet for employees.


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