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Natural Gas Vehicles

Converting your vehicle to run on natural gas

If you have an existing vehicle that you would like to convert to natural gas, a certified conversion shop can do this for you. The after market conversion leaves the existing gasoline system intact and adds the natural gas package to the vehicle. Enjoy the benefits of natural gas, while extending the range of the vehicle, by allowing you to switch between the two fuels.

The installation of a natural gas system includes a cylinder that is mounted underneath, in the back of the truck or in the trunk of a car. One 70-litre cylinder equals 18 litres of gasoline and weighs approximately 160 pounds.

Saskatchewan Natural Gas Vehicle Conversion Shops




Regina Driven Automotive


Saskatoon Glenwood Auto Service


Saskatoon Jubilee Ford Sales Ltd


Based on a typical 1/2 ton truck

Conversion w/ 2 - 70 litre cylinders


(see a Conversion Shop to get an Actual Cost)

Gasoline Pump Price per litre


Natural Gas Pump Price

per Litre Equivalent of Gasoline


Savings per Litre Displaced


15 Litres per 100 km

Savings per Thousand Kilometers


 Kilometers on Natural Gas Required to Recover Cost of Conversion

200,000 kilometers



System Map

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