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Natural Gas Vehicles

Refueling Sites

Saskatchewan Public Vehicle Refueling Stations

SaskEnergy operates 3 public refueling sites in Saskatchewan that sell compressed natural gas for vehicles through a cardlock system only. Cards are available to customers on approved credit.

To apply for a card please complete the following application (OAC).


Provider Address
Moose Jaw City of Moose Jaw Yard
24 hr Computrol Cardlock
1010 High Street West
Regina SaskEnergy Office
24 hr Computrol Cardlock
1601 Winnipeg Street
Saskatoon SaskEnergy Office
24 hr Computrol Cardlock
1301 Quebec  Avenue

A valid inspection certificate is required to use these refueling stations. You can obtain a certificate for your natural gas vehicle through an SGI Certified Vehicle Inspection Station.

If you are experiencing issues at any of the above stations, please call our 24-Hour Natural Gas Emergency & Safety number (1-888-700-0427) for assistance.

Saskatchewan Private NGV Refueling Station

These stations are currently for SaskEnergy vehicles only as they have no metering dispenser, just a fill hose. (however, emergency service may be available during working hours):


817 9th Street West

North Battleford

10010 Fyfe Avenue

Natural Gas Vehicle Refueling Stations in Canada

Other Refueling Options

A Natural Gas Vehicle Refueling System is possible anywhere that there is a natural gas service. For users wishing to establish their own independent means of refueling their Natural Gas Vehicle(s), there are a number of refueling options available that can be customized to meet your needs - from Vehicle Refueling Appliances capable of refueling a single NGV overnight, to large fleet systems for either slow-fill or fast-fill applications. SaskEnergy can help you decide which system is best suited to fit your needs.

For further information, visit the Go With Natural Gas website, an industry-government initiative to encourage greater use of natural gas in Canada's transportation sector. This website was made possible with funding from the Government of Canada.



System Map

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