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Our Purchasing Policy

  • Business proposals will be treated confidentially with fairness and in due regard to ethical practices of the Purchasing Management Association of Canada.
  • A competitive formal tendering process invites bids for Corporate Purchases over $25,000.
  • Bids are open to pre-qualified suppliers or contractors who are registered on SaskEnergy lists. Registration with other Saskatchewan Crown corporations is independent to our lists.
  • Strict confidence is maintained over proprietary information and prices.
  • Awards are based on criteria related to price, quality, delivery, technical suitability, employment equity support, warranty, environmental performance and conformity with related standards.
  • Quality Assurance systems are encouraged (e.g. ISO 9000).

SaskEnergy's procurement opportunities are posted on SaskTenders as part of the New West Trade Partnership Agreement.

For more information on business opportunities with SaskEnergy, please contact Jenn Creeley at (306)777-9388, fax (306)522-2177 or via email at jcreeley@saskenergy.com.



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