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Take the "25 Acts of Energy Conservation" Challenge!

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Environmental responsibility is important to SaskEnergy, and part of what we do to minimize our environmental impact includes educating customers about how to reduce their energy consumption - something that is good for their pocketbooks and the planet.

SaskEnergy has partnered with the Saskatchewan Environmental Society (SES) for more than 15 years, facilitating energy conservation education for thousands of students across the province.

With SaskEnergy's help, a new program called 25 Acts of Energy Conservation was created by SES to extend the reach of their valuable work to schools across the province. Over the last two years, 22 schools have won cash awards for their efforts to engage students, teachers and their communities in conservation initiatives, and many others enthusiastically participated.

In 2016, participating students are again challenged to complete 25 Acts of Energy Conservation between Earth Hour (March 19) and Earth Day (April 22). Reporting back to SES about their activities offers schools an opportunity to win cash prizes provided through SaskEnergy sponsorship that can be used for future environmental initiatives.

For more information about 25 Acts of Energy Conservation, Earth Hour Canada, Earth Day Canada, click on the following links:




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