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Nature Conservancy of Canada

  • Conservation of the Valeport Property in the Qu'Appelle Valley - Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is focused on preventing the loss or degradation of significant habitat. To assist them in their efforts, SaskEnergy donated funds, allowing the organization to secure the conservation of the Valeport property in the Qu'Appelle Valley.

The Qu'Appelle River and its valley support a rich diversity of wildlife and act as a vital corridor for the movement of many wide-ranging mammals and migratory birds. Natural habitats along the river and wetlands within the valley are critical to the survival of over 30 rare animal and plant species, all of which benefit from the conservation easement made possible by SaskEnergy.

SaskEnergy volunteers install birdhouses on NCC property in the Qu'Appelle Valley

  • Conservation of Burrowing Owl Habitats - Most recently, SaskEnergy helped the NCC cover the costs associated with procuring a parcel of land where burrowing owls have been known to nest. The area, which is located near Thompson Lake, just six kilometers outside of La Fleche, includes 235 acres of potential nesting grounds for the endangered species.

With less than 1,000 breeding pairs remaining in Canada, the Canadian Wildlife Service predicts that, unless its declining population trends are reversed, the burrowing owl will be extinct within a few decades. Through our sponsorship, SaskEnergy is helping the NCC continue its work in preserving key nesting areas so that this owl species has a fighting chance at survival.

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