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Nature Saskatchewan

  • Last Mountain Lake Bird Observatory - At the Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area and Migratory Bird Sanctuary, visitors learn about the history of Canada's first wildlife sanctuary, as well as the science of migration and population trends of species in the area. The observatory itself contributes data to an international monitoring system for tracking songbird populations and migration.

A new three-panel permanent sign, made possible by SaskEnergy's annual sponsorship, will be a useful interpretive tool for visitors at the observatory.

Visiting Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scouts were the first young people to view the new interpretive sign.

  • Nature Quest - Developed in 2004, Nature Quest is a program that teaches students in grades five to twelve about the richness of wildlife habitats and species biodiversity within Saskatchewan's boreal forest.

Led by John Murray, a silviculture consultant with over thirty years of experience in the Saskatchewan forestry industry, the program involves an engaging presentation and educational dialogue that teaches students about the importance of preserving the natural diversity of Saskatchewan's boreal region. While focused on educating youth residing in the boreal ecoregion, Nature Quest is a mobile program available to all areas of the province.

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