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Saskatchewan Willow Awards

Since its inception, SaskEnergy has been the presenting sponsor of the Saskatchewan Willow Awards - a program that engages youth in a literacy challenge focused on both readers and authors. Initiated in Saskatchewan in 2002 by the Saskatchewan Readers Choice Awards Organization, the program involves the selection of thirty children/adolescent books, which are categorized according to three targeted age groups.

Those books are then promoted in schools throughout the province and students are encouraged to read as many as they can in their respective categories. After a few months of dedicated reading, students vote for their favorite books out of the ten nominees in their age categories. Then the votes are compiled, and the organizers hold a gala for the authors of the thirty books included in the contest. Authors receive Willow Awards based on the votes submitted by participating students throughout the province.

While this program provides an opportunity to honour popular authors, it is a wonderful way to get students excited about reading. The program, which exists in other provinces, has been tremendously successful in Saskatchewan, with 78 communities participating.

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