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Your Easy Choice...

With SaskEnergy Customer Financing, you can hook up your home or business to natural gas service and enjoy the benefits of natural gas sooner, while paying for the installation through convenient payments on your SaskEnergy bill.

Fast, Friendly, Financing

On approved credit, new and existing SaskEnergy customers can finance SaskEnergy natural gas lines, including:

  • new residential and commercial gas lines.

  • alterations to SaskEnergy gas lines.

Commercial & Residential customers financing under $25,000 are not required to provide a down payment.

Commercial & Residential customers financing over $25,000 are required to provide a down payment of 25% of the total cost.

All loans in excess of $15,000 must be secured with collateral satisfactory to SaskEnergy, typically a first charge mortgage.

Just ask us for a loan application. We will do our best to process your application within 24 hours and notify you of your approval.

Choose the term that suits you best -- one to five years and longer if your costs are $5,000 or more.



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