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SaskEnergy Commercial Network

SaskEnergy Commercial Network Members are independent retailers and contractors in your community -- working with SaskEnergy to provide you with the opportunity and tools to increase the energy efficiency of your heating equipment.

Incentives available for commercial buildings.

Upgrading your natural gas equipment to more energy efficient models now rather than later can give your business the competitive edge. Whether your operation is large or small… no matter what your industry, product or service, your Commercial Network Member would be pleased to discuss how energy efficient natural gas equipment can meet your specific needs.

Talk to your SaskEnergy Network Member about the following Commercial Energy Efficiency incentives:

  • Commercial Boiler Program - Offered through Commercial Network Members, this program provides incentives to commercial developers, builders, building owners, and owners' designated representatives, such as property managers, for installing or upgrading to condensing boilers. Find out more…
  • Commercial HVAC Program - Offered through Commercial Network Members and participating Residential Network Members, this program is designed to encourage the use of high-efficiency natural gas furnaces, boilers, rooftop units, unit heaters, infrared heaters and Variable Speed ECM pumps in both commercial new construction and retrofit applications Find out more…

Your Commercial Network Member can also offer you leasing services. Depending on the job, the increase in efficiency could provide enough savings to offset the lease payments.

For all of your commercial heating and operating equipment needs, we invite you to contact a Commercial Network Member near you.




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