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Procurement Code of Conduct

SaskEnergy personnel are expected to abide by SaskEnergy’s Code of Business Conduct as well as the Crown Investments Corporation Crown Sector Procurement – Code of Conduct Policy. Participating vendors are also expected to adhere to the standards.


It is SaskEnergy’s objective to acquire, whenever possible, goods and services, through a fair competitive process and in accordance with established principles of law and applicable trade agreements.

  • Conduct the procurement of all goods and services having a value of $25,000 (CDN) or greater.
  • Assist in the direct appointment process when procuring the professional service of Engineering, GeoScience, Environmental, Financial and Architectural Consultants with fees estimated at less than $100,000. Conditions do apply and are subject to review by the Purchasing Department:
    • The Service requires certification in the field of service being procured.
    • The Service requires specific qualifications and experience for the work being conducted.
    • The consultant is a member in good standing with a professional association in the area being contracted for and in the province which the work is to be completed.
  • Ensure Best Value. In alignment with Crown Investments Corporation Crown Sector Procurement – Best Value Procurement Policy, SaskEnergy will utilize procurement practices to structure and conduct procurements in a fashion which allows consideration of factors in determining which vendor proposal provides the greatest overall benefit to SaskEnergy, recognizing that in appropriate cases, best value can be achieved on the basis of price alone.
  • Manage the security of all bids received. Strict confidence is maintained over proprietary information and prices.
  • Initiate and maintain effective and professional relationships with existing and potential vendors; and maintain high standards of purchasing ethics and fairness in dealing with vendors.

Trade Agreements

SaskEnergy Procurement is in compliance with the New West Trade Partnership Agreement, the Canadian Free Trade Agreement, and the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.


  • SaskEnergy's procurement opportunities, including annual bid list pre-qualifications for common goods and services, are posted on SaskTenders.
  • Vendors can also register by completing the pre-qualification form . Forms can be returned by email to PA3@saskenergy.com.
  • Registration with other Saskatchewan Crown Corporations is independent to our lists.

For more information on business opportunities with SaskEnergy, please contact the Purchasing Department at (306) 777-9388.



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