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Printable Activity Answers


(1 & 5)  Turn down the thermostat at night to conserve energy.
(2 & 8)  Natural gas vehicles are less harmful to the ozone.
(3 & 9)  Natural Gas smells like rotten eggs.
(4 & 6)  Natural Gas is formed as a result of compressed plant and animal material.
(7 & 10)  A quick shower uses less hot water than a bath.

Connect The Dots Answer:

It's a Gas Meter. A Gas Meter tracks how much natural gas you are using in your home or on the farm.

Word Unscramble

#1  Rotten Eggs
#2  Fossil
#3  Ozone
#4  Clothes Dryer
#5  Thermostat
#6  Storage & Pipes

Word Search

Word Puzzle

TITLE  Can You Read These Natural Gas Safety Tips?
#1  Always dial before you dig!
#2  Carbon monoxide gas can be deadly!
#3  Have a professional contractor give your furnace an chimney a check-up once a year!
#4  Be very careful if you smell rotten eggs! Leave the building and telephone SaskEnergy!