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Natural Gas Links

Canadian Natural Gas Learn about the role that natural gas should play in achieving Canada's energy, environmental, and economic objectives.
Centre For Energy All about energy. All in one place. This is a Canadian website has great information about Natural Gas as well information on many other energy sources. For Teachers it has a K-12 Resource Centre that can be accessed by product, subject and grade level.
Energy Kid's Page Information on all types of energy, including natural gas.
Energyville Provide enough power to meet the energy needs of an entire city! See how your choices will impact the world. Energyville is provided courtesy of Chevron Corporation.
Fossil/Future Fuels An energy education site.
NaturalGas.org An educational website covering a variety of topics related to the natural gas industry.
Office of Energy Efficiency Kids Calendar Club Learn more about energy and energy conservation.
SaskEnergy Saskatchewan's natural gas distribution utility.
TransGas TransGas Limited transports, stores, compresses, and gathers natural gas in the province of Saskatchewan.

Science Links

DiscoverySchool.com's Science Fair Central Everything you need to know about creating a science fair project. Areas for students, teachers, and parents.
Sask Conservation Learning Centre Inc. Learn about soil and water conservation technology.
Science Fair Project A lot of content, including project ideas separated by age. (site has pop-ups)
The Science Page Links to science related information.