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SaskEnergy & TransGas
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TransGas is a company that helps SaskEnergy provide natural gas to customers.

This is how it works. Once SaskEnergy has the natural gas it has purchased from producers, SaskEnergy can deliver it to your home. But first SaskEnergy has to transport the natural gas from the well to your community, and that's where TransGas comes in.

The best way to transport natural gas is through a big underground pipe, but the producers, or companies who get natural gas out of the ground, don't always own these big pipes. TransGas owns pipes all across Saskatchewan, though, and these pipes let TransGas gather natural gas from producers and transport it to customers.

So TransGas is in the middle. Producers get the natural gas out of the ground, TransGas stores it for them and transports it in big pipes to SaskEnergy, and SaskEnergy delivers it in small pipes to your home so you have heat.