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Natural Gas Links

NaturalGas.org An educational website covering a variety of topics related to the natural gas industry.
SEEDS SEEDS Energy Literacy Series is a web-based program that examines ten sources of energy - their production, uses, technologies, and issues. "Virtual Tours" look at sites where energy is obtained and produced with pictures and an interactive map of Canada.
Office of Energy Efficiency Kids Club Learn more about energy and energy conservation.
Energy Kid's Page Information on all types of energy, including natural gas.
Fossil/Future Fuels An energy education site.
SaskEnergy Saskatchewan's natural gas distribution utility.
TransGas TransGas Limited transports, stores, compresses, and gathers natural gas in the province of Saskatchewan.
EcoKids Canada's environmental destination for kids. Check out eco-activities and games and get homework help!

Science Links

DiscoverySchool.com's Science Fair Central Everything you need to know about creating a science fair project. Areas for students, teachers, and parents.
Science Fair Project A lot of content, including project ideas separated by age. (site has pop-ups)
The Science Page Links to science related information.
Sask Conservation Learning Centre Inc. Learn about soil and water conservation technology.
SEEDS - Green Schools Consider the benefits of becoming a Green School. This program encourages students to be environmentally responsible and to take personal action at school and with their families. It is easy and exciting for kids to run and it does not involve new curriculum. Classes undertake projects to communicate about or to enhance the environment then register them with SEEDS to work towards being recognized as an Earth School. Check out the Saskatchewan Schools that are doing their part for the environment through this program.