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Grill and never refill . . .

Whether you are a gourmet cook or like burgers and hot dogs, you'll find nothing compares to a natural gas barbecue. Enjoy the delicious flavour of barbecued foods without the hassle of tanks, coals, ashes or lighter fluid. Natural gas barbecues are safe, fast and easy to use. Extend your cooking season with a convenient natural gas barbecue.

Love your natural gas barbecue...

  • Convenient - Natural gas barbecues are connected directly to your home gas system, making them easy to install, relocate, or disconnect for storage. There are no tanks to fill and no running out of fuel in the middle of your cookout.

  • Even Heat - All natural gas models have even heat control settings to give the exact temperature you desire.

  • Fast - No waiting for coals to catch and reach the proper temperature. The permanent lava rocks or ceramic briquettes only take 5 minutes to heat up.

  • Safe - Natural gas is safe since it is lighter than air and will rise into the atmosphere in the event of a leak.

  • Clean - No messy ashes to dispose of.

  • Easy to Operate - Simply turn on and light your unit; your barbecue is started!

Natural Gas grills have a variety of features and options.

Visit your SaskEnergy Network Member for a selection of natural gas barbecues and convenient financing (OAC).

Count your Savings with natural gas



Gas Cost



40,000 Btu

60 hours




Based on fuel rates as of April 1, 2020
Natural Gas $0.1991 per m3 plus carbon charge of $0.0587 per m3
Propane $0.5464 per litre


When installing your new natural gas barbecue, it is essential that a qualified natural gas contractor do the work.



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