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Enjoy the warm glow . . .

Is a light on for you when you return to your home? Why not be greeted with the warmth and charm of a natural gas-fired light or lantern posted in your front yard or mounted on your porch. Once lighted, they burn continuously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So let natural gas fuel your outdoor lights and lampposts. Give your house that special feeling that there's no place like home.

Love your natural gas outdoor lighting...

  • Safe and secure - Natural gas lamps provide security lighting even during a power outage . Modern two- or three-mantle inverted burners provide light to dark corners or pathways. Unlike electric lights that give off a harsh glare.

  • No bugs - Natural gas lamps provide an aesthetically pleasing glow, provide ample illumination and don't attract bugs.

  • Versatile and reliable - Natural gas lamps are ideal for patio, pool-side or anywhere you need accent lighting for outdoor entertaining.

The options are endless

Natural Gas lights are available in a variety of styles.

Visit your SaskEnergy Network Member for a selection of natural gas lighting and convenient financing (OAC).


The height and location of the lamp head is specified by the manufacturer so that children cannot touch a potentially hot lantern. Some models are equipped with electronic ignition that can be controlled by a switch or photoelectric cell, and will automatically relight the lamp if the flame should blow out.


When installing your new natural gas light, it is essential that a qualified natural gas contractor do the work.



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