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Bake better . . .

Preparing food comes naturally with natural gas. Even a novice can be a great chef with stove-top burners that let you choose any temperature setting you want - high, simmer, warm, or anywhere in between and tailors its flames to many sizes of cookware. Now you can broil, bake, and roast your way to delicious results. Natural gas ranges...your recipe for convenience.

Love your natural gas range...

  • Moisture: Natural gas provides a moist method of cooking. Your baked foods won't dry out.

  • Precision: An infinite range of heat settings.

  • Speed: With an instant on or instant off flame, you never have to wait for the element to heat up or cool down, which helps prevent burning food and boil-overs.

  • Clean burning flame

  • Energy efficient

The options are endless

Choose the model that's right for your kitchen - a free-standing range that combines the cooktop and oven in one unit, a drop-in or slide-in model for a more built-in look, or wall ovens and cooktops, offering separate cooking functions in two units providing flexibility for installation and greater convenience for the two-cook kitchen.

Natural gas ovens, ranges and cooktops offer the most sophisticated features available in today's market and you can keep on cooking even during a power outage. Stylish designs are only surpassed by outstanding performance. Professional chefs rely on the instant heat and temperature control of natural gas for perfect results. Homeowners like the worry-free pilotless ignition.

Look for features like:

  • Front or side-mounted burn dials which eliminate the need to reach over burners to change temperature settings.

  • Push-to-turn dials that prevent accidental lighting of burners.

  • Automatic pilotless ignition that saves up to 30% of the appliance fuel consumption

  • Infrared oven boilers that cook food faster, use less energy and reduce food shrinkage

  • High-performance burners (up to 14,000 btus) that provide faster cooking and higher temperature range for improved heat control, better sautéing and stir frying.

Visit your SaskEnergy Network Member for a selection of natural gas ranges and convenient financing (OAC).

Count your savings with natural gas



Natural Gas



Cook top 100 hours $12 $55 $43
Range 100 hours $17 $78 $61

Based on fuel rates as of April 1, 2020
Natural Gas $0.1991 per m3 plus carbon charge of $0.0587 per m3
Electricity $0.1423 per kWh plus carbon charge of $0.005744 per kWh


Modern natural gas ranges do not have pilot lights. The gas is ignited by an automatic, electronically controlled spark ignition system. This system monitors the flame and turns off the gas if the flame goes out. Some models will even attempt a relight before completely shutting down the burners. All natural gas appliances sold in Canada must be tested and certified.


Venting is not required, but a vent hood is suggested.

When installing your new natural gas range, it is essential that a qualified natural gas contractor do the work.



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