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Water Heaters

Financing is available on the purchase and installation of qualifying natural gas water heaters through participating SaskEnergy Network Members. Click here to learn more!

Heat water faster & save...

Natural gas water heaters give you all the hot water you need, when you need it. And natural gas heats your water three times as fast as electricity.

Since no two families are alike, lifestyle and habits should be considered when choosing the right water heater for your household. Selecting the right water heater style and model will depend on the number and age of family members, how many dishes and clothes are washed, and the number of bathrooms in the home.

Love your natural gas water heater...

Water heating accounts for about 20% of your total household energy costs. That's why it makes sense to choose an efficient natural gas water heater. Look for a water heater with a high energy factor (EF). The higher the better! Models that vent directly through an outside wall means there is no need for a chimney.

Count your savings with natural gas

Standard Efficiency
Tank Style
Water Heater
Natural Gas
Up to:
735 m3/yr $189 $681 $626 $492

Based on Fuel rates as of April 1, 2020
Natural Gas $0.1991 per m3 plus carbon charge of $0.0587 per m3
Electricity $0.1423 per kWh plus carbon charge of $0.005744 per kWh
Propane $0.5464 per litre

Save more with ENERGY STAR®

Lower your energy costs even more when you choose ENERGY STAR certified equipment. Look for the ENERGY STAR symbol to help you identify the most energy-efficient natural gas water heater for your home. Tank and tankless styles are available to suit your household's specific needs.

ENERGY STAR Certified Natural Gas Storage Tank Water Heaters

ENERGY STAR Certified Natural Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Water Heater Fact Sheet


When installing your new water heater, it is essential that a qualified natural gas contractor do the work.

Visit your SaskEnergy Network Member for a selection of natural gas water heating equipment and convenient financing (OAC).

For more information on natural gas water heaters, click here.



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