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Pipeline Facility Crossing

Permission to complete work over, near or across a SaskEnergy pipeline is required if your proposed work

  • includes constructing a road, street, pathway, lane, pavement, or parking area; and/or

  • is on behalf of a public utility, municipality, city, or railway.

The application and approval process for a pipeline facility crossing ensures compliance with applicable regulations and will stipulate any conditions required for your proposed work.

How to obtain permission:

  • Complete the Facility Crossing Application Form

  • Attach drawings or sketches to show proposed work, including the distance to the SaskEnergy facility or pipeline

  • Attach the Sask 1st Call record of locate (if available)

  • Submit your application and all attachments by
Email: safeworkplanning@saskenergy.com
Mail: SaskEnergy - Safe Working Planning
600-1777 Victoria Ave
Regina, Sask S4P 4K5

Next steps:

  • DO NOT proceed with work until you have received approval from SaskEnergy.

  • You will receive notification if your proposed work has been approved, rejected, or if any other agreements must be in place prior to beginning your work.

  • The amount of time to review your application will depend on the scope of work you are proposing. Allow a minimum of 3-5 days to process your application.

For more information, contact:



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