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Gas Safety Before, During and After a Flood

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Before a Flood

If you suspect any natural gas appliances might become submerged from flood water or sewer back-up:

  • Hire a licensed gas contractor to "shut off" the gas at the appliance gas supply valve to all potentially affected natural gas appliances.
  • Relocate them to safe / dry location by raising them above potential water levels or to upper floors or other suitable storage areas.
  • Have your contractor cap and properly seal the gas pipe ends (appliance gas supply line) to all affected appliances to prevent water from entering the piping system.

Shut off the electrical supply to all natural gas appliances at the appliance switch or at the electrical breaker panel.

Caution - water and electricity presents a serious safety risk. Never stand in water or damp locations when disconnecting or operating any electrical devices, switches or appliance connections ... visit SaskPower for additional electrical safety information.

Call Sask 1st Call at 1-866-828-4888 before you dig. With just one phone call Sask 1st Call issues a line locate request notification to subscriber companies to ensure their underground facilities in the dig area are clearly marked.

During a Flood

If you have not had time to prepare your building or appliances or need to evacuate you should shut off the building gas supply on the SaskEnergy natural gas supply valve located outside where gas enters the building.

Visit SaskPower for additional electrical safety information and what to do when your building is flooded. Never use appliances (i.e. gas ranges) as temporary heating that are not certified for indoor heating, as they can create carbon monoxide poisoning.

After a Flood

Never attempt to relight a gas appliance if it has been submerged in water. Call a licensed gas contractor. Furnaces, water heaters and other gas appliances exposed to flood water can create fire, explosion and carbon monoxide hazards.

Caution: Never attempt to put natural gas appliances back into service yourself. If appliances need to be replaced or serviced, a permit must be issued and the work must be done by a licensed gas contractor.

Have a licensed gas contractor make the necessary correction(s) as required by the SaskPower Emergency Procedures Guideline and the B149.1-10 Natural Gas and Propane Code (SaskPower Emergency Procedures Guideline are available at SaskPower).

If your gas was turned off as a safety precaution but you didn't experience flooding, contact a SaskPower gas inspector at
1-888-757-6937 (option 5) to ensure it is safe to restore your gas service without a gas contractor or permit.

If you find one of the following during or after flooding, please contact SaskEnergy at 1-888-700-0427 for advice or a SaskEnergy inspection:

  1. Your meter has been submerged or covered with water.
  2. SaskEnergy may have turned off and locked your gas service as a precautionary safety service - A notice to call SaskEnergy would be left on your door (tag) or in the mailbox.

Caution: If you smell natural gas or there is evidence of a gas leaking, leave the building and do not enter and call our 24 hour Emergency Line at 1-888-700-0427.


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