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Natural Gas Line and Meter Safety

SaskEnergy owns and maintains the natural gas piping, up to and including the meter at your home.

Your safety is our concern. To ensure the natural gas meter remains accurate, accessible and safe please follow these safety guidelines for the meter:

  • Do not enclose the meter, regulator or shut-off valve in any way - keep them visible and accessible for service.
  • Do not tie pets or chain objects such as barbecues or bicycles to the meter or natural gas lines.
  • When digging around the meter, dig by hand. Remember, if you damage any of the equipment you may be responsible for the cost of repairs.
  • Keep the area clear of plants and landscaping.

Winter Safety Tips

  • Keep the meter, regulator and shut-off valve free of snow and ice. Heavy amounts of snow or ice caused from sleet, freezing rain or a leaking eavestrough can cause damage to meter fittings and pipes, which can increase the risk of a gas leak.
  • Remove any built-up snow by hand until the regulator and shut off valve are clear.
    • Do not use hot water/de-icer or a sharp instrument.
    • Do not hit or kick the meter to break the ice or remove the snow build-up.
    • Do not use a snow-plow or snow-blower near the meter.
    • Do not push or pile snow around the meter.
  • Clear a path to ensure personnel can access the meter at any time.

If you have any questions about how to clean the meter safely, please contact SaskEnergy at 1-888-7000-GAS (427).


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