About the Energy Comparison Tool

The Energy Comparison Tool is designed to help you choose your next appliance by comparing energy costs, energy usage and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The results provided are for estimating purposes only. Actual energy costs and usage may differ from the energy comparison tool due to fuel costs, appliance efficiency, lifestyle and energy efficiency measures incorporated into the household.  No liability for decisions based on this publication is assumed.

Energy Costs:

  • Annual energy costs are based on current residential rates.
  • Natural gas rates include commodity and delivery charges.
  • Electricity rates include SaskPower’s energy charges.
  • Propane rates are provided by Federated Co-operative Limited in Regina and are updated annually.
  • Fuel oil rates are provided by Nutrien Fuel Services in Saskatoon and are updated annually.
  • Rates do not include charges such as GST, fuel tank rental fees, basic monthly charges, or municipal surcharges, or carbon charges.

Energy Usage:

  • Annual energy use is shown in kilowatt hours (kWh) for a common unit of comparison.
  • 1 kWh = 36 megajoules (MJ)
  • Usage amount depends on the selected use scenario and the type of appliances.
  • Average usage may vary for each individual.
  • Individual energy use can depend on factors such as the energy efficiency, age, condition, maintenance and user settings of your appliance, building construction and energy efficiency retrofits, temperature settings, and consumption. Maintenance and care of appliances can affect performance as well.

GHG Emissions:

  • Annual GHG emissions are shown in kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent (kg CO2e).
  • Emissions factors for natural gas, propane and fuel oil are based on the fuel charge rates for each fuel as set by the Federal Government of Canada.
  • The emissions factor for electricity is provided by SaskPower and is based on emissions from the previous year.
  • GHG emissions are based on annual energy usage of each appliance for the selected use scenario.

Estimated Annual Savings:

  • Compares the difference between the lowest and highest annual energy costs for the selected appliances.
  • The green bar represents the annual energy cost of the lowest annual energy cost appliance selected.
  • The blue bar represents the annual energy cost of the highest annual energy cost appliance selected.