Furnace Maintenance

SaskEnergy Network Home Heating Tune-Up

Keep your furnace running safely and at peak efficiency with an annual inspection. 

As part of the SaskEnergy Network Home Heating Tune-Up, a qualified SaskEnergy Network Member will complete a hands-on examination and services such as:

  • Examine chimney and clean out debris
  • Visually check heat exchanger
  • Examine blower compartment
  • Clean and lubricate motor and fan
  • Clean or replace filter (if supplied by you)
  • Clean and reset burners
  • Examine operation of fan and high limit controls
  • Inspect gas pilot system
  • Examine and adjust drive system
  • Test thermostat and furnace switch
  • Check carbon monoxide levels upon entry and exit
  • And more...


Receive a free carbon monoxide alarm as a secondary safety measure at the time of your appointment.

Payment Options

  • One-time payment of $149.95* (plus taxes)
  • 12 easy payments of $14.67** per month (plus taxes)

*All parts and labour for repairs are extra. A $90 additional charge will apply for a second furnace at the same location. Additional charges may apply for removal of motor, fan, burners and/or travel costs. SaskEnergy customers can add up to $850 (including taxes) in additional charges on their SaskEnergy bill, on approved credit.
**Annual percentage rate (APR) of 10.5% and a fixed term of 12 months. Assuming total amount owed is $166.45. Total cost of credit would be $9.59. Amount is applied to your SaskEnergy Bill.

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