Detecting a Leak

For a natural gas emergency or if you think there is a gas leak, call 1-888-700-0427 immediately.

Take Action 

If you believe there is a leak indoors or outdoors:

  • Leave the home or area immediately
  • DO NOT use any electrical switches, appliances, telephones, motor vehicles or any other sources of ignition such as lighters or matches
  • DO NOT assume the issue has already been reported or that someone else will call

Follow your Senses


  • SaskEnergy adds an odour to natural gas so you will know if there's a problem 
  • If you smell a foul odour similar to rotten eggs, sewer, or skunk, there may be a gas leak


  • You cannot see natural gas
  • If there is a vapour, ground frosting, or a significant area of brown vegetation, that could be a sign of a gas leak
  • In wet or flooded areas, watch for continuous bubbling
  • In drier conditions, watch for dust blowing from holes in the ground 


  • If you hear a high-pitched hissing or roaring noise, there may be a gas leak

How SaskEnergy Responds

In the event of a natural gas emergency, SaskEnergy and local community response teams will:

  1. Respond to the suspected site immediately 
  2. Assess the source of the problem and make sure the site is cleared of anyone whose safety may be at risk 
  3. Communicate and advise customers regarding a resolution plan