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Benefits of Natural Gas 

Building or expanding your business in Saskatchewan? At SaskEnergy, we work with you to understand your business and your energy needs. We are here to help businesses of all sizes, no matter what your industry, product or service. Choosing natural gas is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. 

It’s Convenient

Natural gas provides instant, consistent and comfortable heating.  

It Will Save You Money

Natural gas costs less compared to other fuel sources. Clean burning heating equipment also means less maintenance and repairs over the long term.

It’s Safe and Reliable

We work hard to use the latest technology, the right infrastructure and to ensure we comply with industry regulations. As a result, gas lines are one of the safest modes of energy transportation. There’s also less chance of a service disruption with underground gas lines.

Most natural gas equipment will operate during a power outage so business can continue without lost time.

It’s a Cleaner Energy

Natural gas burns cleaner and emits lower levels of greenhouse gases compared to other fuel sources.

Further reduce your environmental footprint when you choose high-efficiency natural gas equipment. Products with the ENERGY STAR® symbol are known for their energy performance.

Equipment Options

Cutting Torches

Get a smooth, clean cut with less top edge rollover and slag compared to a conventional torch. A natural gas torch will cut, pierce, heat and braze as well as weld aluminum.

Service each cutting station with a gas line and eliminate the operating costs of fuel cylinders or ongoing maintenance.


Respond to a power failure within 3 to 15 seconds. In an emergency, a natural gas generator will provide power to your essential machinery and equipment, including ventilation fans. 

A direct gas line connection will eliminate the need to ensure a fuel tank is full. Other fuel sources can also create an odour and exhaust pollutants when the equipment is operating.

Infrared Tube Heaters

Natural gas infrared tube heaters (or radiant heaters) are the top choice for garages, shops, barns, warehouses and greenhouses. Through heat transfer, the infrared rays radiate until they are absorbed by objects such as the floor or other equipment. The heat rays do not warm the air. The air surrounding the heated objects is warm because of the increase in temperature of the objects.  This type of technology is ideal for spot heating applications.

Irrigation System

Most natural gas irrigation engines can last 10 years. They are more cost-effective than diesel or propane and produce less greenhouse gas emissions. A direct gas line to the engine can eliminate the need for fuel storage and will provide an endless supply.