Building a Home Beyond Code

There are many factors to consider when designing a high efficient home. It could mean choosing materials to improve the building envelope, installing higher levels of insulation or increasing air sealing. Efficient heating and cooling systems, and high performing windows and doors are other ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Benefits of building an energy-efficient home

  • Requires less energy and saves you money over the long-term
  • Keeps your home comfortable all year round and maintains healthy air flow
  • An enhanced building design means a durable home that helps keep outside noise to a minimum  
  • Reduces your carbon footprint and impact on the environment 

Experts to help design your new home

Energy Advisors are the experts that will help guide you and your Home Builder through the process of making your home more efficient. They provide impartial advice to meet energy efficiency requirements, and verify compliance with energy codes and programs. By conducting an energy model they will help determine how much energy your home uses by assessing aspects such as the size, structure, level of insulation, and the types of equipment or appliances installed. This data is assessed using energy simulation software to determine your homes EnerGuide rating. Through this rating you will also see the energy efficiency tier you have achieved. 

Energy Efficiency Tiers

  • Tier 2: Minimum building code
  • Tier 3: 11% more efficient than tier 2
  • Tier 4: 33% more efficient than tier 2
  • Tier 5: 67% more efficient than tier 2 and Net Zero energy ready 

Natural Gas in Net Zero Homes

A Net Zero home produces as much energy as it uses. It can be up to 67% more energy efficient than a standard new home since the building envelope is built to a higher standard. 

Natural gas has an important role in Net Zero ready homes as the most affordable energy source for home heating in Saskatchewan. It's one of the most dependable sources of energy due to the reliability of SaskEnergy's system and can support extreme temperatures only seen in the prairies. 

Rebates are available

SaskEnergy is offering the Homes Beyond Code program to customers who make efficient choices - beyond the minimum building code - for their new home. Rebates are available for both Homeowners and Home Builders.