Federal Carbon Tax

Carbon charges and your SaskEnergy bill

As part of the federal government’s carbon pricing system, a Federal Carbon Tax applies to all fossil fuels, including natural gas, and is calculated based on the amount you use.

As a registered natural gas distributor, SaskEnergy collects the required amount each month and remit the charges to the federal government.

Amount you are charged

  • The carbon charge on natural gas is a flat amount set by the Government of Canada and is part of a multi-year plan. Each year, the charge will adjust as follows:
    • April 2019 → $20 per tonne ($0.0391 per cubic metre)
    • April 2020 → $30 per tonne ($0.0587 per cubic metre)
    • April 2021 → $40 per tonne ($0.0783 per cubic metre)
    • April 2022 → $50 per tonne ($0.0979 per cubic metre)
    • April 2023 → $65 per tonne ($0.1239 per cubic metre)
    • April 2024 → $80 per tonne ($0.1525 per cubic metre)
    • April 2025 → $95 per tonne ($0.1811 per cubic metre)
    • April 2026 → $110 per tonne ($0.2097 per cubic metre)
  • GST applies to the tax amount. PST is not applicable.
  • The average residential customer can expect an annual increase of about $67 (or 7%) in 2023 and $74 (or 7%) each year after that.
  • Commercial customers can expect an annual increase of 10%.
  • Try our bill estimator to find out how the carbon charge will impact your bill.

Natural gas and the environment

  • For the coldest of prairie winters, natural gas is the safest and most reliable way to heat your home or business.
  • Natural gas is a fossil fuel that creates greenhouse gas emissions. It is a cleaner form of energy than other fuel options such as coal, oil, propane or electricity. In Saskatchewan, electricity is generated using a variety of sources, including coal and natural gas.

Ways to save

  • Finding ways to lower the amount of natural gas you use is one way to save money and help reduce your environmental footprint.
  • With the addition of the carbon charge, heating with natural gas appliances still costs less than electrical options.
  • SaskEnergy Network Members offer financing to upgrade your heating equipment to an ENERGY STAR® certified model.
  • Energy efficiency programs are available to assist qualifying businesses with buying and installing high-efficient natural gas equipment.


  • The federal government determines who may be exempt from paying a carbon charge. Contact the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to see if you are eligible, to register and/or to download the applicable Exemption Certificate.
  • SaskEnergy does not have the authority to apply for an exemption on your behalf.
  • Once you have completed CRA requirements, apply for a Fuel Charge Exemption.

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