Factors That Affect Your Bill

Common causes of high bills

Your natural gas charges will vary from month to month, unless you are on equalized payments. Changes in natural gas consumption can depend on factors such as:

Outside Temperature

  • When wind chills are higher, your house gets cold faster and requires more energy to keep warm

Your Home

  • A furnace older than 10 years will use more gas than a high efficient model 
  • Energy-using habits and lifestyle appliances such as hot tubs, garage heaters and outdoor fireplaces
  • The number of people visiting or living in your home
  • The amount of time spent at home
  • Poor insulation, old chimneys and drafty doors won’t keep the heat in


  • The number of days in each billing cycle can range depending on the month
  • Your monthly bill is calculated using actual energy used instead of an estimate

Ways to help