Exchanging the Gas Meter

SaskEnergy must exchange the natural gas meter from time to time to comply with Measurement Canada. We may exchange the meter to: 

  • Make sure it continues to be accurate
  • Replace a defective or broken meter 
  • Routinely maintain the meter
  • Investigate a complaint about measurement accuracy 
  • Upgrade to a newer model

Booking an Appointment

If you've received a letter, email, phone call or tag indicating we must replace the meter, please contact us to book an appointment. SaskEnergy aims to complete the meter exchange 4-12 weeks after you receive notification. To help us complete the work efficiently and safely, we ask:

  • A person 16 years of age or older are present at your premise to allow access
  • There is a clear path to the meter/equipment
  • Pets are secured indoors prior to the Service Technician arriving 

Get started

Sign In to your online account. Go to Account from the main menu and select Book an Appointment. Pick a date and time that works for you. You'll receive a phone call or text message when the Service Technician is on the way. Don't have an online account? Register now

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Sign into the app and book your meter exchange.  Pick a date and time that works for you. You'll receive a phone call or text message when the Service Technician is on the way. Don't have the SaskEnergy App?
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Prefer to speak with a Customer Service Representative? We can book your appointment over the phone. 

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What to Expect 

A qualified field representative will be at your property for 30 to 50 minutes and there will be no charge to complete the work. They will: 

  1. Take a final meter read
  2. Turn off the natural gas
  3. Remove the old meter and install the new meter
  4. Turn the natural gas back on
  5. Perform a safety check to make sure there are no gas leaks
  6. Take a new meter read
  7. Relight your natural gas appliances

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm having problems finding the correct service address when trying to book my meter exchange appointment online. How do I find the right service address? 

If you are a customer with multiple SaskEnergy accounts, make sure that you have selected the account number with the correct service address. When booking an appointment online, use the drop-down menu on Step 1 to select the correct service address. If the service address you are looking for doesn't appear, select Account in the top right corner and select the account number that has the correct service address. 

2. Who is responsible to book the meter exchange appointment, the landlord or the tenant?

The person responsible for billing with SaskEnergy will be the one who books the meter exchange appointment.

3. I have multiple gas meters on my premise, how will I know which gas meter needs to be exchanged? 

In the event that your premise has more than one gas meter your letter will indicate which meter needs to be exchanged. 

4. Can I book my meter exchange appointment through the SaskEnergy app?

Currently, you can only book your meter exchange appointment with SaskEnergy online or by contacting Customer Support at 1-800-567-8899.

5. Do how I cancel my meter exchange appointment that I booked online?

If you are within 48 hours of your appointment, please contact Customer Support at 1-800-567-8899, otherwise you can Sign In to your SaskEnergy Account online and cancel or reschedule your appointment. It's important SaskEnergy exchanges the meter on a timely basis to comply with Measurement Canada. 

6. What is an arrival window? How long will the appointment take? 

A SaskEnergy Service Technician will arrive within the appointment window indicated in your confirmation email. The appointment will take 30-50 minutes and will require the Service Technician to come inside the house and to re-lite all appliances to ensure they are working safely.