Rebates & Programs

Replacing old equipment with newer, high-efficiency models can help lower your energy use, increase your comfort and save you money. Get a rebate today!
Maximize energy cost savings with a high-efficiency natural gas condensing boiler. Rebates start at $4,000 for eligible boiler plants.
Reduce energy costs with high-efficiency commercial space and water heating equipment. Rebates are available on eligible natural gas furnaces, water heaters, boilers and infrared tube heaters.
The Province of Saskatchewan offers a Home Renovation Tax Credit to encourage homeowners to make upgrades on their home.
Reduce your carbon footprint and save energy in your day-to-day life. Natural Resources Canada offers grants on eligible energy efficiency retrofits.
The City of Saskatoon (Saskatoon Land) offers a Rebate Program to encourage homebuilders and homebuyers to improve the curb appeal of newly built homes.