Equalized Payment Plan

Help manage your budget

Avoid high winter bills and manage your budget by spreading your annual natural gas costs over 12 equal monthly installments. Sign up for the Equalized Payment Plan (EPP) through your SaskEnergy Account.  

What is the Equalized Payment Plan?

Understanding your Monthly Amount

Understanding your EPP Balance

What to Expect When You Sign Up 
  • We'll review your natural gas usage from the last 6-12 months. You'll need at least 6 months of consumption history. 
  • Based on the consumption history, the estimated costs for the upcoming year will be split into 12 equal monthly installments. 
  • We review your EPP bill amount at least once a year.
Monthly Payment Amount
  • We determine your monthly payment based on your historical natural gas usage. 
  • Your monthly payment amount remains the same until your annual review (at the end of the 12 month cycle). 
  • If there is a rate change or your natural gas usage increases due to a colder than average winter, we may need to adjust your monthly payment prior to your annual review.
  • If you use the same amount of natural gas this year as you did last year, your monthly payment will not change at your annual review.
  • If your payment amount changes, you'll see a message on your bill or receive a letter from us. 
  • Have you made changes to your property? If you've replaced old heating equipment with a higher efficiency model, contact us to adjust the monthly payment amount. 
EPP Balance
  • Natural gas consumption is higher in the winter and lower in the summer. The EPP Balance is the difference between the amount you are billed and your actual gas usage.
  • Each month, you'll see an EPP balance on your bill. It includes last month's EPP balance and the changes in the current month's billing. 
  • The EPP balance can fluctuate throughout the year but your bill amount remains the same.
  • Your EPP balance will appear as a 'Balance in your favour' (a credit) or a 'Balance to be billed' (an amount owing). 
Balance in Your Favour
  • When you use less natural gas than estimated, you will have an EPP credit balance. This is normal, especially in warmer months. 
  • A credit may remain throughout the heating season during a mild winter. 
  • During your annual review, we'll use your EPP credit balance to determine your next 12 monthly payments. 
  • Example: if your EPP credit balance is $120 at review time and your monthly payment is currently $80, we may decrease your payment to $70. 
Balance to Be Billed
  • When you use more natural gas than estimated, you will have an EPP amount owing balance.
  • During your annual review, we'll use your EPP amount owing to determine your next 12 monthly payments.
  • Example: if your EPP payoff balance is $120 at review time and your monthly payment is currently $80, we may increase your payment to $90. 
Balance Payout
  • A credit or debit balance will not be applied to your bill in one lump sum. With our EPP option, there is no ‘settle up’ bill.
  • At the time of your annual review, we use the EPP balance to recalculate the monthly payment amount for the next 12 months.
  • If you are using more or less gas than estimated, your EPP balance can be high.
  • If you have a large balance to be billed, you do not have to pay the difference or ‘catch-up’ and you will not accumulate interest. During your annual review, we'll recalculate your monthly payment. 
  • It is not uncommon to see an EPP balance fluctuate by a few hundred dollars over the 12-month cycle.
Discontinuing EPP
  • You can cancel at any time, and we'll apply the current EPP balance to your next bill. 
  • The next time you'll be eligible to enroll in EPP is one year after the date of cancellation.
When you Move
  • If you stop service at one property, your full EPP balance will be applied to your next month’s bill. 
  • You will have a new EPP monthly installment for your new property.