Safe Digging Starts with You
Whether you’re planting a tree or undertaking a major construction project, there are important steps to follow when working near gas lines.

Furnace maintenance program receives national attention

The Tune-Up Assistance Program (TAP) provides income qualified households peace of mind and the opportunity to learn about the importance of furnace maintenance and carbon monoxide safety.

As part of the program, SaskEnergy Network Members complete a Home Heating Tune-Up free of charge. The service includes replacing the furnace filter, cleaning and lubricating the furnace motor and fan, as well as cleaning and resetting the burners.

In 2020, TAP was recognized nationally by the Canadian Natural Gas Association and received the Michael Mulcahy Award for Excellence and Innovation in Customer Care and Service.

Furnace Maintenance

Daughter hands mother carbon monoxide detector
Homeowners selected to participate in TAP receive a free carbon monoxide detector. Since the program began in 2017, over 1,400 homeowners have participated.