Hydronic Additive Rebate for Boilers

The Hydronic Additive Rebate is available to support the investment in energy efficient products that can help you reduce your natural gas consumption, lower greenhouse emissions and save you money over the long-term.

Adding a hydronic additive to your commercial boiler system can improve the heat transfer to the building by reducing the surface tension. This can lead to a reduction in operating costs.

Program Details

  • New construction or retrofit commercial buildings are eligible
  • Rebate of $200/gallon
  • Eligible additive product: Endotherm
  • System must be a closed-loop hydronic boiler system (not steam)
  • Property is located in Saskatchewan
  • Read more about the Program Terms and Conditions

How to Participate:


Contact an Authorized Dealer

Currently there is one hydronic additive supplier of Endotherm in Saskatchewan: Pace Solutions



Prior to installing the additive to your system, testing of the water quality should take place. There should be minimal leaks or water loss occurring with the current system, and minimal air entrainment. Installation typically takes less than a day and may not require a system shut down. 

We recommend that installation be completed by a professional such as an Authorized Dealer, a SaskEnergy Network Member or a Water Treatment Specialist.



Once the additive has been added to your system, you can submit your rebate application. You must apply within 60 days from when your equipment was installed.


Rebate Issued

Once we receive your application, a rebate cheque will be mailed within 6-8 weeks.

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