Hydronic Additive Rebate Program

Terms & Conditions

  1. Overview
  2. Participant Eligibility
  3. Premises Eligibility
  4. Product Eligibility
  5. Rebates
  6. Additional Terms & Conditions
  7. Documentation

1. Overview

  1. The Hydronic Additive Rebate (the “Program”) provides rebates to eligible applicants (an “Applicant”) for the purchase and installation of qualifying hydronic additives (the “Products”, or individually, the “Product”) into hydronic heating systems (i.e. natural gas boiler).
  2. The Program is targeted to the commercial, institutional and industrial market.
  3. The Program begins September 1, 2022. SaskEnergy may change or cancel the Program at any time, without notice, at its discretion.
  4. The Program offers a rebate payment to partially offset the higher purchase price of qualifying hydronic additives.
  5. The Program is only available through a participating SaskEnergy Authorized Dealer. For the purposes of the Program, an "Authorized Dealer" is defined as any business that has reached out to SaskEnergy and signed the required paperwork to offer this Program to customers in Saskatchewan.

2.  Participant Eligibility

  1. An Applicant must:
    • For new construction projects, be a Builder/Developer (a commercial entity that constructs new commercial buildings or industrial facilities for the purpose of resale) or Owner (the person who holds registered title to the Premises) of the premises in which the Products are installed (the "Premises")
    • For retrofit projects, be an Owner or Lessee (the person who occupies the Premises under a lease);
  2. Upon request of SaskEnergy, the Applicant will provide proof of eligibility satisfactory to SaskEnergy in its sole discretion, including, in the case of a Lessee, written acknowledgment by the Owner of the Premises confirming the validity of the lease and authority of the Lessee to install the Products.
  3. Submit an application and required documentation (See section 7.0 for required documentation) detailing the purchase and installation of specific hydronic additives, no later than 60 days after the date shown on the Authorized Dealer invoice.

3. Premises Eligibility

  1. The property where the Product is purchased and installed must be located in Saskatchewan.
  2. The Premises must receive natural gas service from SaskEnergy, under a Commercial or Industrial rate class.

4. Product Eligibility

  1. Products must be found on the Product List at the time of purchase, as shown on the proof of purchase. The product list is available on saskenergy.com and is subject to change without notice.
  2. Products must be installed at the Premises for their intended purpose and in accordance with the application indicated on the Product List. Products cannot be offered for resale or re-use off the Premises.
  3. Products must be installed by a qualified HVAC professional or water treatment specialist.

5. Rebates

  1. Hydronic Additive rebate will be calculated as follows:
    • $200 for each gallon of hydronic additive applied to hydronic heating systems.
  2. Rebates will be issued, at the discretion of SaskEnergy, as an account credit or by cheque, in name of and to the SaskEnergy account holder. Rebates cannot be assigned or transferred by the Applicant. SaskEnergy is under no obligation to re-issue a rebate which has been returned as undeliverable, or to replace a stale-dated cheque.
  3. Maximum rebate amounts are as shown on the Product List. Rebate amounts may not exceed 75% of the Product purchase price, or, where qualifying criteria includes installation, 75% of the combined Product purchase price and installation cost, excluding tax. The Applicant is solely responsible for tax liability imposed on rebates.
  4. Rebates are based on the information submitted by the Applicant. Rebates will be issued only for amounts of Product which has been installed in the building's heating system. Rebates will not be provided for purchasing additional product to be used at a later date or at another location not listed on the application.
  5. SaskEnergy reserves the right to refuse applications which it determines, in its sole discretion, are incomplete, inaccurate or otherwise do not meet Program requirements. SaskEnergy is not responsible for lost, delayed, damaged, illegible or incomplete applications.
  6. SaskEnergy may, in its sole discretion, require the Applicant to repay all or part of any rebate(s) within 90 days of demand if SaskEnergy determined, in its sole discretion:
    • Any information submitted to SaskEnergy is incorrect or untrue; or
    • The Applicant has failed to comply with these terms and conditions; or
    • An inspection reveals the Products have not been installed or have been removed.

6.0 Additional Terms & Conditions

  1. SaskEnergy reserves the right to amend, modify or terminate the Program at any time with or without notice, and for any reason, without penalty or further obligation.
  2. Program funding is limited. SaskEnergy, in its sole discretion, reserves the right at any time to limit the number of rebates, and/or the amount of a rebate, payable to an Applicant or in respect of a building.
  3. If SaskEnergy amends or modifies the Program after an application is received and approved by SaskEnergy, the Applicant cannot resubmit an application for the same Product under the amended or modified Program.
  4. Applicant acknowledges their hydronic heating system may use less natural gas and electricity and produce fewer emissions after installation of the Product. Applicant agrees to permit SaskEnergy to view the utility bill(s) for the Premises containing the eligible system to monitor and publicly report on changes in energy consumption as a result of the Product change. All information regarding energy consumption used in promotional material will be aggregated with other buildings in the Program.
  5. SaskEnergy reserves the right to audit and/or collect information related to the Program, which includes, but is not limited to: rebates paid through the Program, the right of a SaskEnergy representative, contractors and agents, to access the premise upon 48 hours prior notice, either before or after a rebate is paid, to conduct a site visit to ensure the Product has been installed and the boiler is operational; and the right to review the Applicant's customer billing data.
  6. Applicant agrees to transfer to SaskEnergy ownership of greenhouse gas reduction credit and/or carbon credit associated directly or indirectly with the Product.
  7. Applicant grants SaskEnergy the right to use any funds provided under the Program, in full or in part, to offset any amounts payable by the Applicant to SaskEnergy. SaskEnergy reserves the right to apply this offset in its sole discretion.
  8. In addition to these terms and conditions, the Program, and any rebate payments made thereunder, are subject to terms and conditions contained in the application form and the submission of the required documents (See section 7.0 for required documentation). In the event of a conflict, the terms and conditions stated herein will prevail.

    Use and disclosure of information
  9. By submitting an application, the Applicant consents and agrees that SaskEnergy and/or an authorized third party may: (i) contact the Applicant by phone, mail, email or other method to administer, implement, evaluate and research all elements of the Program, verify information, and to conduct surveys; (ii) collect and use information (including personal information) contained in the application or acquired during participation in the Program and may disclose the information to Authorized Dealers, affiliates, and contractors to administer, implement and evaluate the Program, to conduct research, to confirm eligibility, to verify compliance, for quality assurance, and to develop other energy efficiency programs; and (iii) retrieve account information and bill data for a period of 5 years prior to, and 5 years after, the Program participation to evaluate consumption and energy savings attributable to the Program, and to collect, use and disclose such information and data pursuant to (ii) above. SaskEnergy or an authorized third party may contact Applicants to conduct survey(s) regarding the Program or to follow-up with the Applicant with respect to the Program and/or the Unit installed.
  10. All information received pursuant to section 6.0(i)(ii) shall be handled in accordance with SaskEnergy's Privacy Policy.

    Representation and warranties
  11. Applicant represents and warrants that it complies, and will continue to comply, with the Program eligibility criteria contained herein.
  12. Applicant represents and warrants that all information provided in relation to the Program is complete, true and correct. Applicant agrees it will notify SaskEnergy in the event there is a material change in its application or information provided, or in the event of any deviation from the requirements set out in these terms and conditions.

  13. In the event the Applicant fails to adhere to the terms and conditions contained herein, SaskEnergy reserves the right to void the application documents and SaskEnergy will be released from any and all obligations under the Program. In the event the Applicant fails to adhere to these terms and conditions, is or becomes ineligible for any reason to receive a rebate paid to it, or receives a rebate in error, SaskEnergy reserves the right to collect any rebate paid as a debt owed to SaskEnergy.

  14. SaskEnergy will have no ownership interest in the Product.
  15. SaskEnergy, not being the designer or manufacturer of the Product, makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the fitness or capability of the Product, nor any warranty that the Product will satisfy the requirements of any law, specification, or contract.
  16. Applicant will be solely responsible for and shall indemnify and save harmless SaskEnergy and its subsidiaries and its respective employees, directors, agents, contractors, sub-contractors and representatives from any liability, all claims, demands, causes of action, suits, judgments and penalties whatsoever and wheresoever arising out of or in relation to the Program including, without limitation, those made or sustained in respect of property damage, personal injury (including death), infringement of copyright or trademark, builders or other liens.
  17. SaskEnergy does not endorse or warrant any particular manufacturer, product, system, design, supplier, or installer in relation to the Program.
  18. SaskEnergy does not guarantee that the Applicant will benefit from reduced utility costs as a result of the Product.

    Tax implication
  19. SaskEnergy will not be responsible for any tax liability imposed on the Applicant as a result of payment of the rebate. For GST Registrants, rebates received by the Applicant include GST which must be remitted by the Applicant to the Receiver General of Canada.

7.0 Documentation

  1. SaskEnergy is not responsible for lost, delayed, damaged, illegible or incomplete applications.
  2. The following documents must be submitted to SaskEnergy:
    • Completed application form.
    • Sales invoice that shows Applicant and Authorized Dealer's name(s); an itemized list of the installed Product(s); and date of installation (if installed by the seller of the product).