SaskEnergy's goal is to buy goods and services through a fair competitive process. As responsible Environmental Stewards, we often include conditions that promote and encourage environmental sustainability.

Our Policy

  • Conduct the procurement of all goods having a value of $25,000 (CDN) or greater.
  • Conduct the procurement of all services having a value of $100,000 (CDN) or greater.
  • Ensure Best Value. We follow the guidelines and standards outlined by the Crown Investment Corporation (CIC) in the Crown Sector Procurement – Best Value Procurement Policy. We structure and conduct practices to include factors which provide the greatest benefit to SaskEnergy. In some cases, price alone can determine the best value. 
  • Manage all bids received to ensure the confidentiality of pricing and proprietary information.
  • Maintain professional business relationships with existing and potential vendors.

Business Conduct

Our employees and all participating vendors must follow the standards indicated in SaskEnergy’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy and CIC’s Crown Sector Procurement - Code of Conduct.

Trade Agreements

Our procurement process complies with three trade agreements:


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For more information, contact one of our Procurement Specialists at 1-306-777-9388.