Apply for Sponsorship

When reviewing sponsorship opportunities for an event, program, or project we consider the following:

  • the number of people who will benefit
  • the impact of the donation to the overall budget
  • the lasting impact or legacy as a result of the sponsorship
  • recognition and participation options for SaskEnergy
  • support for rural Saskatchewan
  • the role and type of contributing sponsors
  • presence of key support areas such as environmental stewardship, indigenous engagement, youth, support of vulnerable peoples, education, safety and health

What you need to Know

  • Submit requests 6 to 12 weeks in advance of the event date, if possible.
  • Every application will receive a response.
  • Although we try to accommodate all eligible applications, funding is limited.

How to Apply

We accept and process applications based on the dollar value you are requesting.

Contributions under $1,000

Examples: cash donations, corporate tables, door prizes, raffle or silent auction items, less than 500 lanyards

Request Support

Contributions over $1,000

Examples: cash donations, Share the Warmth Grants, Volunteer Firefighter Grants, major events that require a tent, more than 500 lanyards

Request Support

Initiatives Not Eligible for Support
  • Political groups or events
  • Advocacy groups
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of ethnic origin, gender, sexuality, colour, language, national or social origins, economic status, religion, political or other contentious belief
  • Religious groups, events or projects except for faith-based organizations requesting funding for the delivery of non-denominational crisis intervention services
  • Third-party funding organizations such as professional telephone solicitors or private charitable foundations
  • Individual pursuits
  • Individual sports teams
    Exception: you can apply for promotional items required for more fundraising
  • Cash donations to capital campaigns
    Exception: Campaigns providing significant educational or heritage importance for Saskatchewan are eligible to apply
  • Out of province events or travel expenses
  • For-profit community endeavors