Board Roles and Responsibilities

Audit and Finance Committee

The Audit and Finance Committee ensures the adequacy and effectiveness of financial reporting, internal controls, management information systems and risk management. The committee interacts directly with internal and external auditors.


Nola Joorisity (Chair)
Susan Barber
Grant Greenslade
Tina Svedahl
Christine Short (SaskEnergy Executive Liaison)

Environmental, Social and Governance Committee 

The Environmental, Social and Governance Committee provides strategic leadership for items such as corporate environmental and sustainability initiatives, social issues, indigenous relations, human rights, community investment, and governance processes and policies.


Linda Moulin (Chair)
Curt Chickoski
John Hopkins
Doug Shaw
Mark Guillet (SaskEnergy Executive Liaison)

Human Resources and Safety Committee

The Human Resources and Safety Committee Committee is charged with overseeing the employment environment for SaskEnergy, and is responsible for overall human resource, compensation and succession planning strategies and programs.


Alice Wong (Chair)
Milad Alishahi
Veronique Loewen
Bradley Sylvester
Maria McCullough (SaskEnergy Executive Liaison)

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