Volunteers and Fundraising

We pride ourselves on being the Champion of Volunteers for Saskatchewan’s premiere cultural and sporting events. For other community initiatives we add value by providing promotional merchandise.

Champion of Volunteers

Saskatchewan has the highest rate of volunteerism in Canada. From town festivals to large scale events such as Grey Cup, we often play a small, but mighty role in showcasing the many volunteers who give endless time and energy.

Need lanyards to easily identify volunteers in the crowd? We have those. Need a tent for a rest area or snack break? We have that too. Through approved sponsorships, our support provides tools to prepare and keep volunteers energized.

General Fundraising

As part of our community engagement program, we provide non-profit organizations with items to raise additional funds through activities such as a silent auction, raffle, or door prize.

Support for Volunteer Firefighters

With more than 350 fire departments and over 7,000 firefighters in the province, emergency responders need resources available to work through the impact of traumatic events and emergencies. They also need training and the necessary equipment for when duty calls.

SaskEnergy offers:

  • Volunteer Fire Department Fundraising Grants
    Volunteer firefighter departments can apply for grants of $1,500. Funding must be used to create opportunities for additional fundraising by raffling off a natural gas appliance such as a barbecue, fire table or campfire. The natural gas appliance must be purchased from a SaskEnergy Network Member and funds raised must be used to support the purchase of equipment or to upgrade facilities.
  • Natural Gas Safety Training
    Materials and topics focus on natural gas awareness and critical safety procedures to follow when responding to a natural gas leak.

Employee Community Action Grant

SaskEnergy employees roll up their sleeves and help when they can - it’s part of our culture. When a team of employees band together to raise funds for a charity of their choice, we pay for supplies to help with their project, to a maximum of $500.