Supporting Vulnerable Peoples

Improving the well-being of individuals builds a strong sense of community. We believe in lending a hand when and where we can.

Share the Warmth™ Grants

The Share the Warmth program provides grants for charitable organization who can offer warm clothing, shelter or food services to help our province’s most vulnerable citizens manage our harsh prairie winters. Through an annual application process, organizations can receive $1,000 for their project.

Share the Warmth empowers charitable organizations to provide extra services by further leveraging funds they receive.

Since 2013, over $320,000 has been distributed to support 280 projects. Originally, Share the Warmth began 29 years ago as a Sweater Recycling Project which redistributed thousands of warm clothing to individuals across Saskatchewan.

*The application process is closed for this year.  Check back for more information about future programs. 

Tune-Up Assistance Program (TAP)

With the support of SaskEnergy Network Members, TAP helps income qualified homeowners tune-up their furnace to prepare for the winter ahead.

Recipients receive a hands-on furnace examination and maintenance service free of charge. They also receive a carbon monoxide detector, two furnace filters and up to $100 in repairs (if required) for a total program value of up to $300.

Regular maintenance of your home heating system helps keep your furnace running safely and efficiently, reduces the risk of costly repairs in the future and carbon monoxide in the home. Our 2020 program helped over 700 homeowners in 48 communities.

Goals for KidSport™

Our collaboration with SaskEnergy Network Members and the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL) raises money for KidSport Saskatchewan. KidSport helps youth participate in sport by reducing the financial pressure often associated with accessing sport activities.

SaskEnergy Network Members donate $20 to KidSport for every home goal scored by an SJHL team. In nine seasons, more than $230,000 has been raised.


To further recognize the many volunteers and achievements of community sport initiatives, the following awards are given:

  • The KidSport Cup goes to the Saskatchewan SJHL team who scores the most home goals in the season
  • A Volunteer Champion Award goes to an individual or group in each SJHL community who shows the most dedication and support for their team

On average, KidSport provides $200 per child in funding. Over the past 20 years, we are proud to help raise $1.3 million.

Get involved! Join us for a Goals for KidSport game night in your community.

Community Engagement

Sometimes helping people is about creating access to programs and services. Our community engagement program supports many different organizations in promoting mental health awareness and to provide access to sport, arts and cultural programming. Examples of organizations we support include:

  • Carmichael Outreach
  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Special Olympics Saskatchewan

Employee Giving

Our employees are leaders in giving back to their community either through work-led initiatives or through personal contributions. Corporate fundraising events occur to create awareness and to contribute to causes that have the greatest impact within the community. For over 20 years, employees across the province help promote and raise funds for the United Way.

The United Way brings together organizations and individuals to share ideas and provide solutions to current challenges within the community.