Gas Meter Safety

Stay safe and sound, above and below ground. Keep the area around the gas meter on your property clear, ensuring that SaskEnergy and emergency responders can access it easily and safely at all times. 

Protect the meter:

  • Covering or altering the meter can cause it to stop working or malfunction, and can prevent access to it in an emergency situation.  
  • Using the meter to hang hoses, leashes or ropes causes wear and tear on the gas meter. 
  • Leaning objects against the meter like bikes or bins can make it difficult for SaskEnergy and its authorized contractors to respond quickly during an emergency. 
  • Prevent the gas meter from getting damaged by being cautious when using lawn mowers, rototillers or weed whackers on your property. 
  • Keep access to the gas meter and valve clear of landscaping, shrubs, plants and equipment so SaskEnergy and its authorized contractors can conduct timely maintenance.

Who to contact if the gas meter is damaged:

We are available 24/7. If you suspect the gas meter is damaged in any way, contact us at 1-888-700-0427 and speak to one of our Representatives.