Rental Properties

If you own or manage rental properties, there are two options to ensure natural gas service continues, without disruption, as tenants move in and out.

Options for billing are:

  • You receive a monthly bill for your rental properties.  Whether your property is vacant or leased, you're responsible for paying the bill.
  • Tenants are billed directly for their natural gas usage. They're responsible for paying the bill as long as they are leasing the property. If there are no tenants, you will receive a monthly bill to ensure natural gas service continues to the property.

Tenants Pay Their Own Bills

If you own a building with more than one suite, each unit must have a separate natural gas meter to bill the tenant directly. 

If tenants are responsible for paying their natural gas bill, all rental properties must have a Landlord Service Transfer Agreement (LSTA) in place. 

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