Regulations and Policies


The SaskEnergy Act provides the framework for supplying, distributing, and transporting natural gas as a Crown Corporation throughout Saskatchewan.


Based on the Act, The SaskEnergy Regulations provide the details and rules on how to operate as a natural gas utility in Saskatchewan.

Terms of Service

The SaskEnergy Terms & Conditions of Service Schedule details specific rates, charges, and responsibilities that apply to all customers of SaskEnergy. The Schedule takes into consideration both the Act and the Regulations.


The directive is issued under The SaskEnergy (Carbon Tax Fairness for Families) Amendment Act, 2023.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy

All employees, officers, and directors are aware of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“Code”) Policy as well as other key Federal, Provincial and corporate laws and regulations. Actions speak just as loudly as words and we are committed to ensuring we measure up to our Core Values and Code. The Code sets out the standards expected for every employee of SaskEnergy and its subsidiaries – regardless of their position or role.

The Code is also a guideline to help employees avoid inadvertently placing themselves in a position of potential conflict. While the code cannot provide a rule for every possible scenario, it can assist in resolving ethical, legal and moral situations that can occur.

Whistleblower Policy

SaskEnergy's Whistleblower Policy outlines the structure to report actual or potential serious wrongdoings within SaskEnergy. Our goal is to promote public confidence in the integrity and honesty of our actions and to provide a formal process for the reporting, investigation and elimination of wrongdoing.

Wrongdoing includes any serious act or omission, intentional or not, which is illegal, contrary to public interest, corporate policies or operating procedures, as well as attempts to conceal wrongdoing.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of employees, contractors, customers and the general public. SaskEnergy's Drug and Alcohol Policy provides standards and guidelines to maintain a workplace free from the negative effects of substance abuse.

Contractors who work in safety sensitive positions are required to comply with our corporate Drug and Alcohol Policy standard or their own similar policy. If contractors have their own policy, they must demonstrate its equivalence to or how it exceeds the provisions of SaskEnergy's policy.