Our Roadmap to 35% by 2030

Reducing our emissions from operations by 35% by 2030

As a provider of essential energy, we are committed to delivering natural gas and energy solutions responsibly to the residents, businesses and industries of Saskatchewan. SaskEnergy has set a challenging target to reduce our emissions from operations by 35 per cent, from 2019 levels, by 2030.

Our roadmap

SaskEnergy has three priority areas to align projects and activities that address our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the coming years.

1. Vent gas reduction

About 25 per cent of SaskEnergy’s emissions come from venting — whether from gas line maintenance activities or through a device that vents gas by design. Conserving and flaring gas, rather than releasing it into the atmosphere, will have a significant impact on our overall emissions reductions.

2. Renewable electricity

SaskEnergy’s focus on renewable electricity involves bringing more renewable energy into our operations. 

3. Optimization

We will focus on optimizing our existing operational practices, as well as our infrastructure, to reduce GHG emissions. This will have a direct impact on emissions from operational activities such as venting, flaring, and combustion.