On Commercial or Public Property

Working safely is part of the job

Written permission to complete work over, near or across a SaskEnergy gas line is required if your proposed work:

  • Includes constructing a road, street, pathway, lane, pavement, or parking area; and/or
  • Is on behalf of a public utility, municipality, city, or railway.

The application and approval process ensures compliance with applicable regulations and will stipulate any conditions required for your proposed work.

What to Expect

  • When completing the application form below, you must attach drawings or sketches of your proposed work. Include the distance to our facilities or gas line.
  • A SaskEnergy representative will contact you about your proposed work and if your application is approved, rejected or if other agreements must be in place to begin work.
  • We review applications on a first come, first serve basis. 
  • Allow at least 3-5 business days to process your application.
  • Do not proceed with work. Starting work before you receive written approval from SaskEnergy can create a hazardous situation or result in a fine. If critical infrastructure is within your work area, a SaskEnergy Technician will be required on site while work is taking place.

Heavy Equipment

Temporarily using heavy equipment at existing grade does not require SaskEnergy's permission as part of legislation. But, heavy equipment may damage a gas line if a minimum ground depth is not established or maintained. Equipment operators are liable for damage if reasonable measures are not taken. If equipment crossing is required for more than a year, you must select 'permanent road construction' in your list of activities.

For more information, contact us at 1-844-946-4734 or by email.

Facility Crossing Application

The person or company applying for approval such as a Contractor or Land Service Agent who is completing work on behalf of the Grantee/Owner.
*Attach the Record of Locate (if available)
The legal company name that will be used to create the approvals with SaskEnergy such as a Land owner, Rural Municipality, or Facility owner.
Land Location
Civic Address
Activities Planned
Select all that apply.

Indicate the number of cables:

 Include a map of the proposed program area in the attachments.

 Include a drawing indicating the distance from the gas line or right-of-way in the attachments.

Pipeline Construction Composite

 Include a new rail crossing profile in the attachments.

Maximum 10 files.
10 MB limit.

SaskEnergy will review your application for completeness and effect on SaskEnergy infrastructure.  If safe to do so, SaskEnergy will issue a permit to cover the requested activities or will contact you if the work activities cannot proceed.  Work MUST NOT proceed until permits are issued.

By selecting “I agree”, you

  • acknowledge and agree the information provided is accurate and complete;
  • are an authorized agent to make this request;
  • acknowledge and agree to the use, collection, storage and retention of your personal information, and any other information you provide with this form in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of Service Schedule, as applicable;
  • accept that it is your responsibility to notify SaskEnergy of any changes to the information provided.