Snow and Ice

SaskEnergy’s natural gas equipment is designed to operate safely in Saskatchewan’s temperatures. However, heavy snow, ice buildup, or unsafe snow removal can damage our facilities and increase the risk of a gas leak or disruption to service. 

To ensure the natural gas equipment remains operating when you need it the most, we recommend the following:

  • Keep the meter, regulator and shut-off valve free of snow and ice.
  • Do not use a snow plow or snow blower near the meter or riser. 
  • Avoiding pushing or piling the snow around the meter, riser or exterior equipment vents. 
  • Watch for melting snow from rooftops or leaky eavestroughs to avoid ice formation on the meter.
  • Keep exterior appliance vents free of snow, frost and ice blockages to prevent equipment malfunction or dangerous situations such as carbon monoxide buildup.
  • Ensure the path is clear up to and around the meter so our Field Technicians can access facilities for servicing or in an emergency.

How to Clean the Meter

✔ Remove any snow by hand or use a soft-bristle broom
✖ Do not use a sharp instrument to scrape or chip off the ice or snow
✖ Do not hit or kick the meter to break the ice
✖ Do not use de-icer or hot water

If you have questions about how to clean the meter or cannot remove the ice yourself, contact us at 1-888-700-0427.