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SaskEnergy is committing $750,000 in 2022-23 to help its commercial customers replace older natural gas equipment with high-efficiency models.

“This funding is just one of the many ways our government is helping people and businesses with affordability,” Minister Responsible for SaskEnergy Don Morgan said. “Our government takes the issue of affordability, including energy affordability, seriously. That’s why we recently announced a four-point affordability plan for Saskatchewan.”

The new SaskEnergy funding will be delivered through two programs for its commercial customers—one that provides rebates for new condensing boilers and another that provides rebates for space and water heating upgrades.

“This is a significant investment by SaskEnergy as we strive to help our commercial customers reduce their end-use greenhouse gas emissions and, at the same time, save money on their heating bills,” said Kevin Adair, who leads SaskEnergy’s Customer Service Operations.

SaskEnergy’s Commercial Boiler Rebate encourages the use of a high-efficiency natural gas condensing boiler to maximize energy cost savings while reducing emissions.

SaskEnergy’s Commercial Space and Water Heating Rebate likewise encourages the use of high-efficiency natural gas equipment, providing rebates based on the type, efficiency, number of units, and size of the equipment installed. Eligible equipment includes furnaces, smaller boilers, water heaters (including condensing, tank and tankless models), infrared tube heaters, and heat recovery ventilators.

Both rebates are offered exclusively through SaskEnergy Network Members.

Starting this month, as part of this investment, SaskEnergy is also offering a new rebate to its commercial customers for the purchase and use of eligible hydronic additives for boiler systems.

“Hydronic additives can increase the boiler’s efficiency by improving the heat transfer from the boiler water to the heating system,” Adair said. “This reduces emissions and also helps commercial customers who use hydronic additives to save money by consuming less natural gas.”

Once the additive has been utilized, customers can submit their rebate application online at For more information about any of SaskEnergy’s rebates, including eligibility, visit SaskEnergy's website.
SaskEnergy delivers safe, reliable, and affordable natural gas to homes, businesses, and industry throughout Saskatchewan. SaskEnergy provides critical energy for a greener Saskatchewan and is committed to reducing emissions from operations by 35 per cent by 2030, compared to 2019 levels.

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