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SaskEnergy customers have about four months left to get money back when they replace existing natural gas equipment in their homes with eligible high-efficiency models.

The Residential Equipment Replacement Rebate program, which ends June 30, 2022, encourages homeowners to choose the most energy-efficient equipment available.

“Replacing your old natural gas equipment with new, high-efficiency models will lower your energy use, make your home more comfortable, and save you money,” said Kevin Adair, who leads SaskEnergy’s Customer Service Operations.

Rebates can be up to $2,000 per home for an eligible boiler replacement, or $1,000 for an eligible tankless water heater that replaces existing equipment.

Furnace replacement rebates are $650 for eligible 97 per cent efficiency models and $325 for eligible 96 per cent efficiency models.

Rebates are also available for eligible high-efficiency tank water heaters ($250) and combi-boilers ($800) that replace existing equipment, and for the installation of a heat recovery ventilator ($100) in an existing home. New builds are not eligible for the ventilator rebate.

Rebates are available exclusively through participating SaskEnergy Network Members for eligible homes located in Saskatchewan.

“Getting the money back is easy,” Adair said. “Contact a participating SaskEnergy Network Member and they will help you determine eligible equipment options for your home. Once the new equipment is installed, your SaskEnergy Network Member will complete and submit the rebate application on your behalf.”

A rebate cheque from SaskEnergy should arrive by mail six to eight weeks later.

“The Residential Equipment Replacement Rebate program is part of SaskEnergy’s commitment to a greener Saskatchewan, helping customers lower their energy costs while reducing their greenhouse gas emissions,” Adair said.

SaskEnergy delivers safe, reliable and affordable natural gas to homes, businesses and industry throughout Saskatchewan. SaskEnergy provides critical energy for a greener Saskatchewan and is committed to reducing emissions from operations by 35 per cent by 2030, compared to 2019 levels.

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