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SaskEnergy’s commercial customers now have another nine months—until August 31, 2022—to apply for energy efficiency rebates.

Extending the deadline for the space and water heating equipment rebates is part of SaskEnergy’s commitment to a greener Saskatchewan.

“By offering rebates on high-efficiency natural gas equipment we are helping our commercial customers reduce their energy use, maximize cost savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the long term,” said Kevin Adair, who leads SaskEnergy’s Customer Service Operations.

The rebates encourage the use of high-efficiency natural gas furnaces and boilers, condensing and tankless water heaters, and infrared tube heaters. Rebates range from $325 for a 96 per cent efficiency furnace replacement to as much as $40,200 for a new 95 per cent thermal efficiency boiler large enough to heat an office tower.

These commercial rebates are available to SaskEnergy’s commercial customers exclusively through participating SaskEnergy Network Members, who will help determine eligible equipment options for each customer.

Examples of eligible buildings for the rebates include restaurants and retail stores, apartment complexes, strip malls, municipal buildings, community halls, buildings owned or operated by non-profit organizations, dental clinics, mechanical shops, barns and other non-residential farm buildings. Applications for both new and retrofit installations are eligible for the rebates.

“We’ve seen a 12-suite apartment owner utilizing the program benefit from 30 per cent in energy savings and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by nine tonnes per year,” Adair said.

As part of its energy efficiency initiative, SaskEnergy also offers a residential equipment replacement rebate to residential customers looking to replace old equipment with newer, high-efficiency models. Full details are available on Ways to Save.

In 2020-21 SaskEnergy’s energy efficiency programs provided more than $1.8 million in rebates to help both commercial and residential customers reduce utility costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

SaskEnergy delivers safe, reliable and affordable natural gas to homes, businesses and industry throughout Saskatchewan. SaskEnergy provides critical energy for a greener Saskatchewan and is committed to reducing emissions from operations by 35 per cent by 2030, compared to 2019 levels.

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