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There are many reasons to be thankful this Monday.

October 10 is Thanksgiving, and it is also Canadian Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day. SaskEnergy is marking the day by recognizing its many hard-working employees who are committed to providing safe, reliable and affordable access to natural gas to homes throughout Saskatchewan.

“I’m thankful for the dedication shown by our employees to the people of this province. This commitment helps make SaskEnergy one of the most reliable energy delivery systems in North America,” SaskEnergy’s Acting President and CEO Mark Guillet said. “Whenever you step into a hot shower, enjoy a warm meal at a restaurant, or walk into a heated home or business on a cold day, you can thank natural gas utility workers.”

For seven decades, SaskEnergy’s workforce has served Saskatchewan and its people by providing natural gas to more than 400 000 customers in 337 communities across the province.

SaskEnergy’s Mike Kronberger began as a Gas Utility Person in August 1982 and is now an Operations Lead in the Swift Current area. His job lets him tackle issues creatively, all while getting to work alongside some amazing coworkers.

“What inspires me about my job is the challenge, like collaborating with the many people involved to complete a major project on budget and on time. I like working on the big unit engine and compressors, working on the gas lines, and on the natural gas wellheads in our reservoir storage field,” Kronberger said. “I have made so many friends over my career at SaskEnergy. I work with some of the brightest and most intelligent people.”

Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day is a nationwide event celebrating the anniversary of the first cross-Canada natural gas main line, completed in 1957, which continues to serve millions of Canadians to this day. 

For more information about Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day visit the Canadian Gas Association website.

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